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custom art, community programs, design and tuition

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Huge thanks to Val Bubner for her awesome photography skills in and around  studio Tatty K. Her portraits of Tatty K are copyright 2016





Tatty K      "art that matters"
custom art, design and tuition.

Tania Kunze t/a Tatty K

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Items shown above are finished pieces, made with Bronze metal  clay

Metal clay is a "clay like" product made out of powdered metal, plus fluxes and binders. When you fire it, the binders burn out and the metal particles spot weld together with the help of the flux.

Tatty K works with “fine silver” & “bronze” metal clay, and is a Level One accredited instructor with the PMC brand of silver clay.  You can be any age or any skill level to work with this product.

 A beginner can make their own project, even without prior jewellery smithing experience, over a 3 hour workshop that is unique and wearable.

Contact Tatty K today to find out when the next Jewellery workshop is scheduled, or get together a group of 3 or more & Tatty K will bring the product and tools to you.